Have you ever asked yourself is re-reading a waste of time studying? Many Students in the world always are given notes by their instructors. They read the notes and materials that their instructors dictate to them while in class. They also read textbooks. Studies reveal that re-reading is not one of the successful learning strategies. It is always good for you to use effective ways such as using flashcards to study.

The following are some of the tips that will enable you to read efficiently:

  1. Do not re-read your notes and other materials such as textbooks

Re-reading your notes and textbooks is a bad study habit and not the right way to grasp the content and memorized it. However, this appears to be the most student’s way of studying. Some studies show that students who read once perform better than those who re-read their assignments and notes.

The first time you read the material, you will understand better compared to when you are reading your notes and keep telling yourself that you know it very well and leave some gaps in it.

  1. Organize your studying time and do not cram

Organizing your studies is one of the social strategies for active learning. Spacing your reading time well will enable the content to stick into your memory for a long time. However, many students decide to wait until the last minute when they start reading again and gain. They start cramming the information so that they use it the following. It means that the information will not stick in mind for use in the level. You need to keep reading new information every time so that you are getting new knowledge.

  1. Using flashcards to study

The use of flashcards to study is one of the motivation and learning strategies for college success. It refers to the use of flashcards to answer questions the pluck out the deck to confirm if you’ve got it correct. Using flashcards is a way of testing yourself on whether you have understood the concept well. Make sure you retain the correct answer on the deck so that read on later. In addition, take your time to learn what you got wrong.

  1. Present your information in a graphic form

Using graphic methods to present your information is another successful learning strategies. Visual forms, pictures, and diagrams help you remember the information you studied because you will create that image in your mind rather than re-reading. This method is one of the social studies strategies for active learning. Therefore, you should remain focused and engaged. Do not be a passive student.

  1. Pose many questions to yourself

Re-reading is a bad study habit. Read the content once and then use the questions in the back of your reading material to check whether you have understood the content or not. Also, you may decide to come up with your questions and test yourself on whether you can answer them correctly or not.

  1. Do not have a mindset of so and so is a math person

Most students fail in subjects such as mathematics because of the attitude they have towards it. Therefore, you should have motivation and learning strategies for you to pass well. Do not develop negative attitude towards the subject. And study hard. Do not compare yourself with other students and avoid bad study habits of re-reading.


The above article has illustrated that re-reading is an inefficient and not ineffective way. Therefore, you should plan yourself well by using visual forms to present your information, avoiding cramming, and having a positive mindset towards your subjects. You should ensure that you ask yourself many questions to cage yourself on whether you’ve understood the content or not.

Writing is an activity that gives a challenge to students. Do you ever ask yourself how to improve student writing in our school? Do not worry. The following are successful tips that will help you improve students writing skills in your schools:

  • Have regular in-class writing activities for college students

Regular writing class exercise to improve writing skills is one of the best methods to ensure the students grasp the content well. The in-class writing exercises may include writing a few minutes when you continue with the lecture. Also, you can assign the students assignments to do when not in class.

  • Guide the students throughout the entire writing process

After giving your students exercises to improve their writing skills, give them much-needed guidance.

Teach them especially how to present their answers. Utilize the remedial strategies to improve writing by providing the required outlines and also teach them how to choose topics appropriately.

In addition, teach them how to avoid plagiarism by giving clear instructions on how to cite.

  • Take the responsibility of improving the writings skills of the students

Improving writing skills is not the work of a given department; the English department only. Therefore, you should take the responsibility as a teacher to ensure that while you are teaching, you should provide essential assistance by engaging your students to participate in in-class writing activities for college students. In addition, you can also try using peer review to improve student writing skills so that you are conversant with writing skills tips for you to teach students well.

  • Show students that you are happy when they write well

When you are teaching your students, stress the importance of giving clear opinionated points. Also, ensure that your faculty rewards students who write well, and then those who do not are penalized. With this, you will receive good essays as students will compete for the reward.

  • Engage with other faculties that are using writing well in their courses

Try and find out what is going on in those faculties. Ensure that you pick some remedial strategies to improve writing of our students. Come up with handouts with guidelines on how to improve students writing skills. Also, the material should have many exercises to improve writing skills. With this, students will enjoy reading it and eventually do better.

  • Do not read and grade the work of students alone

As a teacher, ask your students to exchange their books. They should go through the in-class writing activities for college students and correct what their colleagues have written. Making students critique the work of their colleagues will enable them to learn that they are studying for grades rather they are doing so to have self-improvement. Remember to collect their papers later to skim through them.

What if you are not an English teacher? How will you teach writing skills? The following are few points that will help you achieve this.

  • Explain thesis statements

Many students present factual papers that do no have assertions. Therefore, as a teacher, you should teach students what a thesis statement is and how to use it when presenting a fact paper.

  • Allow students to narrate what they have written in their assignments to the rest of the class

As part of in-class writing activities for college students, allow your students to explain what they have written in their assignment to the rest of their colleagues while in class. Giving this opportunity will make the students learn and take notes of what their colleagues have written.

  • Explain to students that writing involves a process

Writing is a process. It entails coming up with thoughts, thesis statements, writing a draft, getting feedback, revisions, editing, and presenting a completed work.


Writing is a process. It will take a lot of time before students learn it. As a teacher, ensure that you have remedial strategies to improve writing skills for students. You may also start using peer review literature to improve student writing.

Students go to school to learn various subjects, and parents require them to understand whatever the teacher teaches in class. Teachers need to teach the content in a way that the students would easily understand their work. Is two hours of homework too much? Students need to concentrate in their classes to make sure that they understand whatever they learn in class. The best way of coordination between the teachers and students is to ensure that they have a clear conversation about what is found in the curriculum. Students are tested for the knowledge that they have gained in class through assignments and homework. 

Homework plays a major role in giving exercises for students to enhance their understanding of a particular subject or topic. Too much homework may lead to students getting stressed up and getting health problems. Kids may be negatively affected by too much homework, especially when they are away from friends, families, and the activities that matter to them. Some academicians came up with research about how homework affects students; they found that too much homework can be counterproductive and diminish its effectiveness.

Is 2 hours of homework a night counterproductive?

Students have much work to do, especially during their classwork and assignments they are given in class. They also need time for their co-curricular activities and time to interact with their friends. A group of people consisting of the Pope and his colleagues did research on how homework is counterproductive about homework and the effects that too much homework had on the students and then came up with some findings. Their findings indicated that too much work is associated with many challenges, which include:

  • Severe stress: many students cited too much homework to be the main source of stress in schools. Some said that the tests were the main stressor, while others cited that the pressure to attaining good grades was a source of stress. A few of the students claimed that homework was not a primary source of stress. 
  • Health problems: some students were interviewed on the effects of homework on their health. Some said that homework led to some health problems and a lack of sleep. Some of the health effects that the students experienced included stomach problems, exhaustion, weight loss, and headaches. 
  • Lack of time with family, friends and taking part in extracurricular pursuits: students cited that spending much time on homework meant that they got less time to spend on other activities. They, therefore, do not meet their developmental needs and drop out on various activities. Less time is spent on recreational activities. Lack of exercise leads to students getting dull in their activities and hence low productivity. 
  • Lack of balance: many students struggle to balance their social time, extracurricular activities, and homework. Many students are forced to do homework over other activities such as developing their skills or talents. Some students do homework only to improve their grades. They say: “I have two hours of homework a night and I feel totally drained”.


The paradox of high performance is another problem. Students who join high-performing schools may get more homework in the sense of getting good grades.

For the students who have ADHD, handing in homework right on time can be met only with consistency. Here are some of the tips for succeeding and lowering homework stress and completing it faster.

Solutions in the classroom

  • Post the assignment on board

Ensure that you write your homework assignment right in the place where the board is every day. Teachers can also post projects to the website of the school as that can be one stop shop for children. They can also use other websites that allow teachers to send their assignments to students and parents to get followed up on while at home. That will make students focus on homework.

  • Find time to write homework assignments within a planner

Language deficit or attention can be challenging for a particular student. You can then ask another student to act as a helper to assist them write the segment and give it to that specific Child. You can also consider allowing the students to snap the chalkboard using their mobile phones or sending them an email and prompting the parents about the assignment.

  • Appoint captains for each row

Several children, have got trouble maintaining or keeping the books for assignments, so you can appoint another student to check through their work. You can do this by selecting a row captain for every row that is within the classroom. Before the class begins, these captains must collect all the homework that has gotten completed. At the end of the same level, they must check with other students to see that the assignments have gotten handed over or written by every student in their particular rows.

  • Come up with a plan that ensures completed homework is brought back to school

Have a conversation with the parents, especially of the students who consistently fail to hand in their homework, and assist them in developing a solid plan to get it to school. Please suggest that they buy colored folders for the completed work, and they have to ensure that whatever homework gets put within those folders gets completed.

  • Give out the right amount of assignments

Students having ADD tend to be slower at working problems and can get easily frustrated. You can start by assigning odd-numbered math problems, which can help the Child learn without feeling pushed. If you assign an assignment that is not time-consuming, it will increase its likelihood for completion by the students.

Home solutions

  • Track homework assignment

As a parent, ensure that you encourage your Child to jot every assignment in his planner. You can also see whether the projects have gotten shared on the school application or website. You can then obtain contact information for each student in the class so that you can know about the assignment.

  • Set some time for homework

Most students would require a break in between the classes or after. Others may work best while still on the air school mode. If activities done after school make it impossible to attend a regular schedule, you can have a weekly calendar with start and finish times for homework.

  • Enquire about the routines of assignments from the teacher

The math teacher could assign algebra assignments four times every week and provide a test at every end of the Chapter, which comes maybe after a fortnight. That will tell you that there could be something amiss if your child fails to have any homework in math for two nights.

  • Be mindful of the saturation point of the child

If a child is too tired or frustrated with the homework, then kindly stop him. You can write a note to the teacher and explain that he tried his level best. If he faces problems with Focus, or slow writing, or may even require some extra time to grasp all the concepts, then the assignment might take a long time than it possibly should. If push comes to shove then you can go to the internet and search for ‘do my homework for me’.

If you want to pass statistics class, then there’s a lot that you need to put in place. Statistics itself is not a simple subject, and therefore it requires a lot of dedication, effort, and seriousness. Here are some of the tips to help you ace your statistics class and pass your class.

Attend all classes

The classes in college have gotten placed on the timetable for various reasons, and the first reason is for the students to attend them. You, therefore, need to follow your statistics classes and ensure that you do the homework that the instructor or teacher assigns. The first month is the test. Therefore, for students, you need to ensure that all the assignments for the first month get handed in without laziness. Almost half of the students tend to drop out within the first month of the statistics class because they usually fall behind. All the fundamental principles get covered within the first month of the statistic class. If you miss a lot of studies, then that means you will fall behind gradually. If you have covered the fundamentals well, then skipping a class from there on will not significantly affect you.

Utilize a TI-83 or TI-89 calculator

These are the best type of calculators that statistics students should have. You, therefore, need to find a way in which you can secure one because it will help you a lot during revision and exams. Your teacher might even insist that you must learn how to solve your problems by using your hand as a part of some of the homework you will get. You must understand that the most critical part of the class is always the test and therefore having a graphing calculator is more of an invaluable asset during such lessons.

Utilize Excel to make graphs and charts

There are graphs, especially the ones produced through linear regression, which can be a little bit tricky to get through in your head. A good thing about excel is that it is more dynamic, which means that you can permanently alter the input after making your graph. That will allow you to see the different factors and how such elements will affect the chart you are making.

Avoid skipping definitions

In case you do not understand a given type of definition, never skip it over. Elementary statistics is built on information, just like a recipe gets made. If you fail to understand what cracking an egg means, you won’t even have the ability to fry it on your pan. An example of this is the p-value, and to calculate the p-value, you must run through a hypothesis test for you to come up with a test statistic. For you to run the hypothesis test, you must understand how to calculate the null hypothesis. If you get stuck, you can search for ‘online statistics assignment help’ on the internet to get going.

Work on your homework as fast as you can

Ensure that you don’t leave your assignment until hours before it gets collected. The statement should probably be among the first on this list. It may sound a little bit obvious to many of you, but when teaching statistics, the students who scored the lowest grades were usually the Bunch that started working on their homework on the evening before collection. At first glance, the task might seem very easy, mainly if you deal with bar graphs or means. Later in the assignment, some questions will start to have long equations, including finding linear regression equations, just to mention a few. Such problems may take you almost an hour to answer, and therefore you need to work on them as fast as you can when your mind is still fresh. Whenever you get stuck as you work on your assignment early, it is easy to get someone who can assist you, but you will mostly be going through the trouble yourself if you wait until the last minute.

Mathematics is among the most hated subjects globally, but it’s one that almost every individual requires to some point. It doesn’t matter whether you do not utilize math in your work, but it is a vital skill to have, especially when you want to calculate a 15% of your bill to assist you in tipping your waiter in a restaurant. The bitter truth is mathematics has had a bad reputation, which it doesn’t deserve. Most people find math boring because of the pure focus on calculation and memorization, and they see it as something they won’t require or need. Here are some valuable tips that can help you learn math fast.

Fall in love with the subject

You will study math topics much faster if you get engaged with it and come to enjoy it in every way possible. You don’t have to wait for an explainer video to solve differential equations in your spare time, but if you can find time to enjoy the subject instead of treating it as a responsibility, then it will be better on your side. Try to be inquisitive every time you learn something new or strange, and try utilizing humor and analogy with the sole purpose of making the idea vivid. You can also think about the concept with the underlying ideas instead of focusing on calculations or problem-solving.

Start with the fundamentals

Most complex topics in mathematics get usually based on the simplest ones. Therefore you need to start learning from the fundamentals even though you might have the feeling of having a good grasp before having a more complicated problem to solve. For instance, if you want to learn calculus, you will not find it easy unless you have a better grasp of algebra in its basics and some trigonometry portions. Simply put, you need to crawl before you walk, and you must master walking before you can run. Those are some of the simple essential tips which apply to Mathematics and learning it.

Come up with number sense instead of memorizing

It is less critical to memorize timetables than actually being able to work out a problem. For instance, you might have learned that 9 by 9 is 81, but it will be so easy to forget such facts when you get to a high-pressure situation. Having a number sense entail the ability to work problems from scratch using the simple ways possible. For instance, if you have a problem to multiply 10, it will be much easier, and therefore you can work that out when you calculate 9 by 10 to get 90 and then subtract the extra nine you have placed in their calculation.

Set your goal in your mind

You do not need to pressure yourself with learning trigonometry or geometry if you require basic skills like working with percentages and decimals. You can study math easily. Going more into physics will require more background knowledge, especially in algebra, vectors, and calculus. If you want to learn much faster, you need to choose the shortest way possible through the topic or subject you want to cover to achieve whatever you want. Ensure that you cover the basics first, but you can specialize later if you are in a rush.

Keep track of the vocabulary in math

There are terms like quadratic and coefficients, which tend to sprout every time you are revising or studying mathematics. You need to get to the root of these words and understand them together with their meaning so that you can get somewhere with the reading. If you feel like you are in a rush, you should write the main definitions for terms in your notebook, and you can use it as a reference later. You can go ahead to the online market and find resources there, but it is best to use your own words in writing those definitions because it will go a long way to help you learn them. If you find it so hard to get it together then you can head over to the internet and search for ‘do my math homework for me’ and you will get a ton of help.

It is probably fair to assume that almost every student who has ever had to complete any homework has wondered whether there is a secret to getting the work done with ease. Of course, everybody is different and, therefore, trying to think of a secret that works for everyone is very hard, if not almost impossible. However, there are various strategies that individuals can take to help improve their ability to get the work done, either by making it easier to understand what it is that they are meant be doing, or simply by improving their motivation and concentration levels.

Understanding the subject more easily

One possible thing to consider is hiring a tutor to provide you with high school homework help with any subjects that you have trouble with. For example, you can look online to find tutors that may advertise their services in your local area, who you can then meet up with in order to discuss any difficulties that you may be having. Alternatively, there are many tutors, some of which can be found on freelance websites, who will offer services remotely.

Alternatively, if you’re simply having difficulty with a minor aspect of the subject, which is preventing you from completing some homework that you have been set, then you may wish to look online for various forums and question and answer websites. You will then be able to ask other members of the online community whether they can provide you with answers or advice, so as to help you get the work done.

Becoming more organised

There are various things that you can do to become more organized, so as to help you become more efficient when it comes to doing homework. For example, the place where you do the homework can have a huge impact on your motivation and concentration levels. Therefore, you should ensure that you do the work at an appropriate desk that is tidy and has a comfortable chair to sit at – as this will help to encourage you to sit down and do the work.

It is also beneficial to create a routine, as well as any plans for longer pieces of homework. This will help to ensure that you are organized, which, in turn, can help to increase your motivation and concentration levels. Essentially, if you know what you need to do and how long it will take, and when you need to do it, you will be more likely to get in the right mindset to do the work.

Over the years, homework has become a necessary evil in academia undertakings, which is in other words means that students cannot do without doing one assignment or two within a week. It is simply unfathomable. This is however a bitter pill for most students who struggle days on ends to make amends with what they have been taught in class and how to apply them in assignments. In fact, assignments have remained such a nightmare for many students that they shiver at the thought of say being handed math homework. Check out Weeklyessay.com and see why it is the best homework writing service. In even worse situations, there are students who to altogether forgo such tasks which are not far from giving up in as far as excellence in academia is concerned. But with a reality that sinks deep, assignments are here to stay and no amount of debating over it with convince policy makers in the education sectors to scrap it. This is especially with regard to immense impacts homework has had on not only good students but also slow learners.

In every way you look at it, assignments that teachers issue to students quite often play a significant role in enhancing one’s performance and understanding of concepts that cannot be fully explored in classroom due to time limitations. With this at the back of your mind, I revisit the issue of pay for homework service and take a closer and more in-depth look at it before suggesting some hassle-free methods for doing so later on. Every school day, many students become more and more convinced to start using online assignment help because it has changed many a student’s grades for the better. However, this is not as easy as it sounds unless you have at expert guide with you because you will not always conduct a quick web search and land the best help every day. Sometimes you will come closer to being fleeced by scammers but this shouldn’t be a reason to give up. Well, in order to pay for homework online, you need to factor in issues like safety, security, trust, expertise and reliability before landing the best place where the much need assistance would come from. In this article, I guide you on how to go about this, so take a look below for details;

  • Pay with credit/debit card
  • With so many options as regards payment channels, online transactions have over time seen incorporation of debit or credit card remittance. Now and more than ever, you can use your card to pay for assignment doers more conveniently.

  • Electronic money transfers
  • Anything to do with online cash money transfer has been dubbed electronic money transfer. This has seen many companies come to the fore in order to provide clients with the most viable, secure and fast options. This is also available for those who want to pay homework helpers.

  • Direct wiring of cash
  • This, as the name suggest is a more direct way of paying for goods and services on the web. Students who have sought writing services on the web, including those who have been assisted to do their academic assignments have this option readily available for them. You can always transmit directly to one’s bank account.

Despite all of their complaints about doing homework, it is actually good for children. They may not like it, but it is helpful to them in a lot of ways. Doing schoolwork at home is a time-tested method of teaching that is proven to work. While kids might not like it at the time, this way of learning teaches and does more than you might think. It isn’t just a way to help them with what they did in school that day. It has many other uses that benefit your child as well. Here are some examples of those benefits.

  • Benefits of Homework
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Shows their weaknesses
  • Strengthens the brain
  • Reinforces what they learn

Teaches Responsibility

Your child learns responsibility by doing their homework. They are responsible for doing the work, getting it did on time, and they know that there are consequences for not doing so. This teaches children responsibility by demonstrating that not completing your responsibilities leads to negative reactions and consequences. This is important for children to learn at an early age.

Shows Their Weaknesses

When children do their schoolwork alone at home, the teacher can assess their weaknesses by the work they have done. This allows the teacher to know what areas of the subjects to focus on more with the child and what areas they already know well. This can help them get better at the areas in which they are lacking making them better at it.

Strengthens the Brain

The brain is a muscle like any other. The more you use it, the better it will work. Learning in school helps to exercise the brain but doing work at home helps to extend that exercise longer and make the brain stronger for it. The more they use their brains, the more they are capable of learning.

Reinforces What They Learn

The original reason for homework was to reinforce what children learn in the classroom. This is important to help them learn completely everything that they are taught in class. Doing the work over and over helps them to remember how to do it. It is a method that has worked for so long that it has been proven to work well.
Homework is a major way of teaching children different subjects and lessons, and it also has many other benefits. They can benefit from Assignment Geek by getting guided help and improving grades & knowledge. This can help your child for the rest of their life.