How to Improve Student Writing Fast & Effectively

Writing is an activity that gives a challenge to students. Do you ever ask yourself how to improve student writing in our school? Do not worry. The following are successful tips that will help you improve students writing skills in your schools:

  • Have regular in-class writing activities for college students

Regular writing class exercise to improve writing skills is one of the best methods to ensure the students grasp the content well. The in-class writing exercises may include writing a few minutes when you continue with the lecture. Also, you can assign the students assignments to do when not in class.

  • Guide the students throughout the entire writing process

After giving your students exercises to improve their writing skills, give them much-needed guidance.

Teach them especially how to present their answers. Utilize the remedial strategies to improve writing by providing the required outlines and also teach them how to choose topics appropriately.

In addition, teach them how to avoid plagiarism by giving clear instructions on how to cite.

  • Take the responsibility of improving the writings skills of the students

Improving writing skills is not the work of a given department; the English department only. Therefore, you should take the responsibility as a teacher to ensure that while you are teaching, you should provide essential assistance by engaging your students to participate in in-class writing activities for college students. In addition, you can also try using peer review to improve student writing skills so that you are conversant with writing skills tips for you to teach students well.

  • Show students that you are happy when they write well

When you are teaching your students, stress the importance of giving clear opinionated points. Also, ensure that your faculty rewards students who write well, and then those who do not are penalized. With this, you will receive good essays as students will compete for the reward.

  • Engage with other faculties that are using writing well in their courses

Try and find out what is going on in those faculties. Ensure that you pick some remedial strategies to improve writing of our students. Come up with handouts with guidelines on how to improve students writing skills. Also, the material should have many exercises to improve writing skills. With this, students will enjoy reading it and eventually do better.

  • Do not read and grade the work of students alone

As a teacher, ask your students to exchange their books. They should go through the in-class writing activities for college students and correct what their colleagues have written. Making students critique the work of their colleagues will enable them to learn that they are studying for grades rather they are doing so to have self-improvement. Remember to collect their papers later to skim through them.

What if you are not an English teacher? How will you teach writing skills? The following are few points that will help you achieve this.

  • Explain thesis statements

Many students present factual papers that do no have assertions. Therefore, as a teacher, you should teach students what a thesis statement is and how to use it when presenting a fact paper.

  • Allow students to narrate what they have written in their assignments to the rest of the class

As part of in-class writing activities for college students, allow your students to explain what they have written in their assignment to the rest of their colleagues while in class. Giving this opportunity will make the students learn and take notes of what their colleagues have written.

  • Explain to students that writing involves a process

Writing is a process. It entails coming up with thoughts, thesis statements, writing a draft, getting feedback, revisions, editing, and presenting a completed work.


Writing is a process. It will take a lot of time before students learn it. As a teacher, ensure that you have remedial strategies to improve writing skills for students. You may also start using peer review literature to improve student writing.

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