The Important Solutions for Teachers to Reduce Homework Stress

For the students who have ADHD, handing in homework right on time can be met only with consistency. Here are some of the tips for succeeding and lowering homework stress and completing it faster.

Solutions in the classroom

  • Post the assignment on board

Ensure that you write your homework assignment right in the place where the board is every day. Teachers can also post projects to the website of the school as that can be one stop shop for children. They can also use other websites that allow teachers to send their assignments to students and parents to get followed up on while at home. That will make students focus on homework.

  • Find time to write homework assignments within a planner

Language deficit or attention can be challenging for a particular student. You can then ask another student to act as a helper to assist them write the segment and give it to that specific Child. You can also consider allowing the students to snap the chalkboard using their mobile phones or sending them an email and prompting the parents about the assignment.

  • Appoint captains for each row

Several children, have got trouble maintaining or keeping the books for assignments, so you can appoint another student to check through their work. You can do this by selecting a row captain for every row that is within the classroom. Before the class begins, these captains must collect all the homework that has gotten completed. At the end of the same level, they must check with other students to see that the assignments have gotten handed over or written by every student in their particular rows.

  • Come up with a plan that ensures completed homework is brought back to school

Have a conversation with the parents, especially of the students who consistently fail to hand in their homework, and assist them in developing a solid plan to get it to school. Please suggest that they buy colored folders for the completed work, and they have to ensure that whatever homework gets put within those folders gets completed.

  • Give out the right amount of assignments

Students having ADD tend to be slower at working problems and can get easily frustrated. You can start by assigning odd-numbered math problems, which can help the Child learn without feeling pushed. If you assign an assignment that is not time-consuming, it will increase its likelihood for completion by the students.

Home solutions

  • Track homework assignment

As a parent, ensure that you encourage your Child to jot every assignment in his planner. You can also see whether the projects have gotten shared on the school application or website. You can then obtain contact information for each student in the class so that you can know about the assignment.

  • Set some time for homework

Most students would require a break in between the classes or after. Others may work best while still on the air school mode. If activities done after school make it impossible to attend a regular schedule, you can have a weekly calendar with start and finish times for homework.

  • Enquire about the routines of assignments from the teacher

The math teacher could assign algebra assignments four times every week and provide a test at every end of the Chapter, which comes maybe after a fortnight. That will tell you that there could be something amiss if your child fails to have any homework in math for two nights.

  • Be mindful of the saturation point of the child

If a child is too tired or frustrated with the homework, then kindly stop him. You can write a note to the teacher and explain that he tried his level best. If he faces problems with Focus, or slow writing, or may even require some extra time to grasp all the concepts, then the assignment might take a long time than it possibly should. If push comes to shove then you can go to the internet and search for ‘do my homework for me’.

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