Why Re-Reading Is Inefficient (And Other Facts About Studying)

Have you ever asked yourself is re-reading a waste of time studying? Many Students in the world always are given notes by their instructors. They read the notes and materials that their instructors dictate to them while in class. They also read textbooks. Studies reveal that re-reading is not one of the successful learning strategies. It is always good for you to use effective ways such as using flashcards to study.

The following are some of the tips that will enable you to read efficiently:

  1. Do not re-read your notes and other materials such as textbooks

Re-reading your notes and textbooks is a bad study habit and not the right way to grasp the content and memorized it. However, this appears to be the most student’s way of studying. Some studies show that students who read once perform better than those who re-read their assignments and notes.

The first time you read the material, you will understand better compared to when you are reading your notes and keep telling yourself that you know it very well and leave some gaps in it.

  1. Organize your studying time and do not cram

Organizing your studies is one of the social strategies for active learning. Spacing your reading time well will enable the content to stick into your memory for a long time. However, many students decide to wait until the last minute when they start reading again and gain. They start cramming the information so that they use it the following. It means that the information will not stick in mind for use in the level. You need to keep reading new information every time so that you are getting new knowledge.

  1. Using flashcards to study

The use of flashcards to study is one of the motivation and learning strategies for college success. It refers to the use of flashcards to answer questions the pluck out the deck to confirm if you’ve got it correct. Using flashcards is a way of testing yourself on whether you have understood the concept well. Make sure you retain the correct answer on the deck so that read on later. In addition, take your time to learn what you got wrong.

  1. Present your information in a graphic form

Using graphic methods to present your information is another successful learning strategies. Visual forms, pictures, and diagrams help you remember the information you studied because you will create that image in your mind rather than re-reading. This method is one of the social studies strategies for active learning. Therefore, you should remain focused and engaged. Do not be a passive student.

  1. Pose many questions to yourself

Re-reading is a bad study habit. Read the content once and then use the questions in the back of your reading material to check whether you have understood the content or not. Also, you may decide to come up with your questions and test yourself on whether you can answer them correctly or not.

  1. Do not have a mindset of so and so is a math person

Most students fail in subjects such as mathematics because of the attitude they have towards it. Therefore, you should have motivation and learning strategies for you to pass well. Do not develop negative attitude towards the subject. And study hard. Do not compare yourself with other students and avoid bad study habits of re-reading.


The above article has illustrated that re-reading is an inefficient and not ineffective way. Therefore, you should plan yourself well by using visual forms to present your information, avoiding cramming, and having a positive mindset towards your subjects. You should ensure that you ask yourself many questions to cage yourself on whether you’ve understood the content or not.

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